Agiletech: Civil and Technical Assistance


Local Government

Question: What Assistance Can Agiletech Offer to Local Government?


  • Preparation of Works Department Annual Budgets or parts thereof
  • Strategic Planning (Forward Works Plans, Plant Replacement etc)
  • Drafting of reports, agenda items
  • Regional Road Group paperwork, meeting attendance, project investigation
  • Auslink Roads to Recovery paperwork, website reporting, project investigation, mini compliance audits
  • Evaluation of and reporting on submitted subdivision designs
  • Inspections of and liaison with subdivision construction contractors on behalf of Council
  • Project Management and/or supervision of works projects
  • Council Policy review or drafting of new policy
  • Temporary placement/relief work - short or long term, any position
  • Waste management
  • Tender preparation, evaluation and reporting
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Civil Engineering advice
  • Asset Management
  • Roman Road Management data collection/updating of Roman database
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Classifier placement and data collection
  • Minor drafting and design
  • Grant applications
  • Clearing of native vegetation permit applications