Agiletech: Civil and Technical Assistance

Agiletech can provide assistance with civil engineering and technical project management.

Agiletech: Civil and Technical Assistance

Agiletech is a new business based in the South West of Western Australia whose goal is to provide flexible and diverse assistance to both Local Government and private industry in the technical and civil areas to help address the problems caused by the skills shortage and offer these industries an alternative to help them achieve their objectives.

Agiletech's founder, Patrick Steinbacher recently left a nine year career in the technical services/works departments of various local governments and prior to that, a background in earthmoving and construction and is now looking forward to offering a dynamic, flexible and professional service to the public and private sectors.

Whether it be project management, civil consulting, relief or temporary placement, construction/project supervision, or technical matters, Agiletech can help - hence the term 'assistance' in our subheading. Our philosophy is that at some stage, everyone needs a helping hand, and that is where Agiletech comes in. Different than just another engineering consultancy, Agiletech's services are intended to be especially accessible, responsive, nimble and effective, dealing with not only the big issues but also (and especially) the little things that are just as important, and that often slip under the radar.

We are the 'one stop shop' for all your technical and civil requirements.